From our extensive contact with security practitioners, in a long series of LEGO engagements and evaluations, we sketched out the beginnings of a potential digital prototype. After nearly 300 people have used the LEGO method with great success on a wide range of contrasting cases, it was clear to us that there was also a need for an extension to the method, where data can be captured during and after the co-creation process which had closely involved stakeholders of all types and kinds. The InterActor prototype is designed to extend the physical modelling process, so that stakeholders may continue to work on these problems together, by creating shareable digital models of their tangible LEGO models, ensuring that the resulting insights are not lost.


InterActor has been conceived as a way of extending and facilitating the co-construction process, and is intended to be used during and after workshops, in face-to-face sessions, and work can also be shared remotely via its web-based architecture. Starting points are provided to users so that they may shape things so that they are relevant to their own practice (using a spreadsheet view of their data).

This can include practitioners modelling their own roles within an organisation, managing and accounting for how an issue is being tracked within the workforce. Doing this requires a narrative that can be jointly developed with teams and stakeholders involved in a risk scenario, and InterActor is also designed to suit this purpose.


The overall aim of the prototype is to assist the security practitioner in finding and mapping the communities of practice that surround controls. It provides a more refined and integrated view of how control strengths in specific areas are supported by (and are also based on) the specific values and perspectives of actors, in groups and as individuals.


The digital tool operates in such a way that the techniques can be applied in depth or with a light touch, depending on the level and amount of data that is encoded with the prototype. In the security domain no comparable tools exist that can be compared to the LEGO analogue tool kit and the InterActor prototype produced by TREsPASS, as they work in combination to visualise socio-technical patterns, and inform our view of risk.

The first version of prototype can be accessed online: InterActor-Creative Securities/RHUL

The second version of the prototype following user feedback can be found here