Attack Tree component visualiser

The TREsPASS visualisations are developed as single, loosely coupled components – entirely independent of one another. By avoiding interdependence we can ensure complete modularity, which in turn allows us to use the components as building blocks for applications like the ANM analysis results dashboard, with the option to easily replace components with compatible alternatives, if needed).

At the same time it is also entirely possible to take a single visualisation component, and –with only a thin layer of application logic around it– package it and distribute it as a standalone (desktop) application.

The Attack Tree component visualiser visualises attack trees from XML files, including countermeasures (green). It automatically detects which flavour of Attack Tree (for instance ADTool outputs a different style of Attack Tree XML as TreeMaker). The user can zoom-in and out, to inspect details and change view, from tree structure to circular. It can also visualise similarity for the nodes.

Try out the Attack Tree component visualiser

Download example XML file to load in visualiser