Workshop results: ATM case study attack trees

Next to the data visualisation workshop with DensityDesign another workshop was held at Artez Arnhem, with students Interaction Design. Three groups worked on concepts how to visualise attack trees in different manners. All three groups came up with very different ideas.

Group 1 (Oscar van Leest, Tycho Kilsdonk, Thomas Hoek) took the attacker as a starting point. By using composition drawings that are used by US police to identify criminals, they wanted to give the attacker a face. Based on the skills of the attackers, he/she can reach certain routes to the goal, which are highlighted in the tree.




Another group, consisting of Bente Brunia, Merel Peters and Ibo Ibelings, explored the concepts of Attack Trees from an educational point-of-view. They developed a game that allows players to understand the concepts of Attack Trees in a playful manner. Two players both start on one side of the board, and work their way to the goal, by throwing a dice (with a probability of 50%-15% of succeeding). Some steps involve countermeasures that first need to be solved before you can continue. The result is a route to the goal.


img_3372 img_3374